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Frequently Asked Questions

You can try checking the following FAQs to see if they can help solve the problem you are encountering.


-> What's covered by my purchase?

When you buy software, you get a product key that is 100 percent authentic. This key enables you to access the official website to download, install, and activate your product.


-> How will my order be delivered, and when?

Our shopping system will instantly and automatically email your product key to you after you place an order and your payment is successfully received.


-> Is my information safe and secure?

By SSL, we have been validated. This indicates that your data is transmitted using tested technology and is completely encrypted. We are dedicated to offering top-notch client service.


-> Can I order without providing any information?

You do not need to create an account or register your details in order to place an order in guest mode. But in order to benefit from all of our features, we advise establishing an account.


-> Is the software compatible with Macs?

Typically, the package title or description makes clear that the software is compatible with the Mac.


-> Why wasn't my key or any email sent to me?

Prior to checking your inbox's spam or junk area, make sure the email address you entered in the basket during checkout is correct. If you have followed these instructions and you have still not gotten your key, kindly get in touch with us.


-> How do I download my product, install and activate it?

Short activation instructions are typically included in the product description; longer instructions are sent in the delivery email along with the activation key. In the odd event that you continue to experience issues, kindly get in touch with us and we will help you right away, around-the-clock.


-> Will my software possibly expire??

No, software you purchase has no expiration date. The software we offer has no renewal date, in contrast to subscription-based agreements. You only need to download the software once more and use the same key to activate it on the new computer, even if you upgrade your computer.


-> Will my software be updated?

You will receive all pertinent updates as long as the product is officially supported.


If the above answers do not solve your problem, please email us. We offer 24/7 customer service, so you may reach out to us whenever you need to.