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  • Windows 12 Professional - 2 PCs Windows 12 Professional - 2 PCs

Windows 12 Professional - 2 PCs

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Microsoft's Windows 12 might not be as far off as one might think. We are eagerly awaiting official information, despite the fact that we do not have a specific release date. Window 12 will be available with some potential features and some Windows updates in the future.

Windows 11 runs very well right now and has great features. When Windows 12 comes out, you'll have even more features to use. The operating system for the majority of personal computers is Microsoft Windows, and they can run on a variety of Windows versions. Windows 11, the previous version of Windows, can typically be found on every PC. When you download the most recent version of Windows, you'll get access to brand-new features.

Windows 12 possible features:

As with any big OS update, there will surely be countless minor updates and changes under the hood. This should translate to things like better overall performance, new icons and animations, and additional settings you can tweak.

A cleaner-looking desktop and taskbar setup
A redesigned Start menu with quick access to all features (until then, you can use one of the best Windows 11 free Start menu replacement apps)

You can see it has a floating taskbar dock at the bottom, a floating search bar at the top, and various other icons on either corner of the screen. The taskbar is only a little different from the existing one we've grown familiar with over the years because it's just slightly hovering over the bottom of the screen. The search bar, however, has never existed at the top like that, and definitely not entirely detached from the taskbar.

Artificial Intelligence
With Microsoft's planned $10B investment in OpenAI, which follows its previous $1B investment, it's beginning to sound more realistic that the company will use some form of artificial intelligence in their operating system.

No More Control Panel
We also expect a further shift (possibly a full withdrawal) away from the Control Panel in favor of Settings. Settings was introduced back in Windows 8 and was intended to replace the Control Panel, but the utility is still available today.

If Windows 12 gets rid of Control Panel entirely, all the Control Panel applets might be moved into Settings. We've already seen this start to happen, like with Windows Update, which hasn't been available through Control Panel since Windows 8.

Animated Wallpapers
Our phones can use animated wallpapers, but Windows has been stuck with static images forever. This is already possible through third-party apps like Desktop Live Wallpapers, but it'd be great for the ability to add live wallpapers to be built right in to Windows.

Windows 12 Professional Key

Windows 12 System Requirements

To install Windows 12, your computer must meet the minimum system requirements. It's likely that these requirements will be similar to, or the same as, the minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

We expect something like this, where your computer must have at least the following in order for it to be compatible with Windows 12:

8 GB of RAM
64 GB of storage
64-bit processor
1 GHz CPU clock speed
An internet connection and a Microsoft account (for the initial setup)

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